• 1. Accounts

    The account owner is the user that owns the email-adress allocated to the account. Each account may only be played by one person. An exception is made in case of account-sitting. If it is necessary, that the account is being supervised or set into vacation mode by another user, the administrative team shall be contacted. Account sitting prohibits any fleet movement, except saving the fleet to one of the own planets. An account may only be sitted for 72h maximum. Exceptions need to be reviewed by the admin team. Account transfers are allowed once every 3 months and may not be financially compensated.

  • 2. Multiaccounts

    Every person may only have one account per universe. In case two or more accounts are played from the same computer / ip range, please contact the administrative team. In any case: no fleet movement among these players is permitted. Coordinated attacks from these players are not permitted

  • 3. Pushing

    Pushing is not permitted. Pushing is the delivery of ressources without meaningful compensation from weaker players to stronger players.

  • 4. Bashing

    More than 2 attacks within 12hours are technically inhibited. Spy and missile attacks are extra

  • 5. Intercontinental missle attacks

    A maximum of 1000 attacks per day apply.

  • 6. Bugusing

    Exploiting bugs is forbidden. If you found a bug, please contact the administrative team immediately. Cheating is forbidden.

  • 7. Languages

    In all universes, the official language is German. All messages not written in German or English may result in banning.

  • 8. Insult, Blackmail and Threats

    Blackmailing and real-life threats lead to a permanent ban on all universes.

  • 9. Spam and Porn/Erotics

    Spamming and advertising is forbidden. Any form of erotics or porn may result in a permanent ban!

  • 10. Automation / Bots

    Any automated access is forbidden.
    This includes especially: Bots, Farming-Scripts, central data scripts, automated browser access.

  • 11. Rules

    Rules are subject to change without any announcement. Every user has to regularly check the rules